Kaala Emoji Failed To Impress


South Indian Superstar Rajinikanth’s latest film ‘Kaala’ is getting ready for the release in a week. When many people are thinking that there is no hungama before the release of the film, a controversial matter is trending in the social media. Though ‘Kaala’ was carrying huge expectations initially, somehow the buzz decreased later. Rajinikanth-Pa Ranjith combo’s last film ‘Kabali’ didn’t impress the audience much so the film unit was slightly worried about ‘Kaala’.

As ‘Kaala’ face look has become popular in the social media, Twitter India released a Kaala emoji. The emoji is in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages. But Superstar fans didn’t like the emoji because it is not appealing and it is designed in black. They are asking the ‘Kaala’ team and Twitter to design a new emoji for ‘Kaala’. Either ‘Kaala’ team or Twitter didn’t respond to the fans opinions.

We have to wait and see whether they are going to release new emoji or not. Rajinikanth is playing the role of a leader who fights for the rights of Tamils in Mumbai. ‘Kaala’ is hitting the screens on June 7.


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